About Gaspard and Lisa


A pre-school animated series based on the books by Anne Gutman and Georg Hallensblen, Gaspard and Lisa follows two six-year-old best friends as they experience the wonders and challenges of school, family life, and their Paris neighborhoods. Outgoing, curious, and devoted to each other, Gaspard and Lisa are the centers of each other's lives, and the rest of the world usually finds itself caught up in their adventures as well. The series is European in feel but universal in its exploration of what makes a friend a friend. And while Gaspard and Lisa may sometimes disagree, in the end, they're always there for each other--because that's what best friends do.



Original books are born in France, written by Anne Gutman and illustrated by her husband Georg Hallensleben. Total count of 1.9 million copies in 36 different titles are published in Japan from year 2000.




Gaspard is a sweet and enthusiastic six-year-old whose response to a fresh challenge is a confident "I can do it". He is active, boisterous and determined. He is a typical boy who's always mischievous, occasionally annoying, and sometimes covered in mud. He is innately chivalrous and protective of Lisa and most of all....HE LIKES LISA.


Lisa is a sunny, intelligent six-year-old girl who is charming, spontaneous, popular and just cheeky enough. Most of the time, Lisa is an optimist who can make the best of things and for whom nothing seems too difficult. She is decisive and persuasive and leads Gaspard in their activities, moving them on to the next part of their adventure with a breezy "Luckily, I have a great idea!" And most of all....SHE LIKES GASPARD.

Gaspard and Lisa

Together, Gaspard and Lisa fit like puzzle pieces. As inseparable as opposite sides of a coin, together they create unstoppable forward momentum. They are in it together and believe they can do anything. Lisa's driving force is ambition and Gaspard's is excitement, although at their core they are truly driven by their hearts.